planes, trains & automobiles

So, I’m off to another cooking school!  It seems to be habit forming.  This school is located in Edinburgh, Scotland and like the others I’ve attended, offers courses of various lengths.  I’ll be checking out the 3 month program as well as taking short courses at a Chocolate school nearby.  Both programs should be pretty fantastic.  I’ve never been to Scotland, and with the elections coming up the whole experience will be very interesting.

I’m currently in an airport lounge….where drinking martinis at 4pm is apparently an epidemic.  I’d love to partake in this widely accepted craze, but I think if I did, I’d likely miss my plane (on the floor, lickin’ lint).  I better stick with my tea and water – what a whimp, what have I become.

Once I get settled in my closet size studio tomorrow, I plan to hit the streets and take some photos of my new surroundings.  Until then…. stay hungry.


Pachyderms, Penguins & Parathas – Wildlife & Wild Cooking!

Ok, I know…enough with the alliteration! Here are some recent photos of what’s happening during our visit to the Western Cape.  We had a beautiful visit to the Kirstenbosch Gardens-a must for visitors who appreciate the outdoors. We also had our close encounters with African Penguins and rock dassies (rumor has it related to the elephant, but hmmm I don’t quite see the resemblance).  We dabbled in a few more cooking courses and of course, copious amounts of wine.  Enjoy!

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Calorie Catch-up in the Cape

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We haven’t blogged in a while.  We have been kinda stuck in an eating & drinking cycle that, for the most part, seemed a bit redundant.  There have been some standout events though!  Steve’s indifference to my ticking off the top restaurants in a local magazine changed when we had dinner in Franschhoek at The Tasting Room.  The creativity, presentation, and service were, well for lack of a better word, fun!  I couldn’t stop smiling through the whole dinner.  The chef mixes a sense of humor with deliciousness.  We also had a beautiful lunch at Pierneef A’ La Motte and some badass bone marrow at The Kitchen At Maison.

We also took a fun cooking course at Leopard’s Leap.  It was a quick 3 hours filled with appetizers, bubbly, wine, patê, and a couple things catching on fire – good times.  We’ve been tasting wines at gorgeous wineries throughout Franschhoek, Paarl, and Wellington.  It’s all kind of a blur; most of that due to consumption.  Tomorrow we head to the city to celebrate my birthday.  My birthday wish? (Lipo! -kidding…) to eat at the number one rated restaurant in the city this year – The Test Kitchen.  When we called about a month ago to make a dinner reservation, all they could manage for us was lunch for two at the bar….ok….my expectations are a little high.  We’ll report back and bore you to tears with yet more food photos – lucky you!

More from Cape Town

Eating and drinking – exhausting business.  When we gain our strength back, we will include some descriptions of our images. Until then, a few more shots of the areas we are visiting!  Cheers…

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Eradicating Wine Drinking Aliens in the Overberg

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The past week has been a whirlwind of adventures. The noise and dust from the road repairs to the flood damage in front of our little cottage has driven us out, over the mountain and down to the Southern most tip of Africa, Cape Agulhas. Dry and hot in summer and windswept and cold in winter. We are drawn here by a new wine area Elim, L’Agulhas. We rent a house in Pearly Beach. It overlooks a rugged coastline and the cold Atlantic. The days are long and filled with sunshine, perfect for slow ripening grapes. Also for walking the beach checking out the tidepools and finding treasures. Today the treasure is in the form of shells, in particular the intriguing  flat white spiral Ndoro. These are detached bottom sections of conus shells.  Used as currency in Zimbabwe since the 17th century they are still worn by spirit mediums and considered to bring fortune and longevity to those who find them. We visit Struisbaai, a color filled fishing village and watch the days catch of yellowtail ( Amberjack) being unloaded. It’s a busy place with fish being gutted on the boat ramp, clouds of noisy gulls and traders haggling over prices.  As each boat is offloaded small pickup trucks rush the fish to Cape Town restaurants. Prices are just under $10 for a large fish. We breakfast in a small padstall.  The food and service are excellent. Polite smiling people serve homemade breads and preserves with our morning eggs, bacon and boerwors. I had the kippers, Christina says no Smooches for me. The preserves here at the roadside stalls are simply fantastic. Green or brandied figs anyone? Fresh watermelon, orange skin confit and a host of others.  We are now near Bot River and are on our way back through Heaven and Earth wine route for more ‘research’!  Cheers…

A Glimpse of Cape Town

Much has happened since we landed in CPT, but our internet is sketchy at best.  For now, some pictures…

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